Client Testimonials


I’ve memorized the song you taught us yesterday! i was singing it as i was falling asleep last night….i feel so proud ….I just wanted to share!


Kimber is not only an expert teacher — she’s a force of nature.  She will light up your day with her sense of fun, her laughter, and her engagement in your learning.

John/ 1LT, US Army

Kimber uses custom, unique methods which made intro French very fun. Her approach is warm and good-humored.  Her funny and informal teaching style allows learning to take place in an enjoyable.  We sang jingles to reinforce what could have been otherwise boring grammar basics, practiced lip drills to overcome awkward vowel pronunciation, and even used her personal memorization tool that I’d never seen before. After two weeks of intro-French with Kimber,  I showed up to my Army French course at least a month ahead of my peers. Any student of French, Spanish, or English would benefit from her teaching.


I highly recommend Kimber Hawkey who was my French Professor at PVCC in 2 beginning French courses (101 and 102).

Previous to these courses, I had spoken Spanish and was quite anxious about being able to differentiate between the two different languages. Her demeanor is such that I was quickly put at ease in the classroom environment.  Indeed, her perfect level of fluency in the three languages also allowed her to easily explain and compare even complicated grammar topics.

One of the best things about Ms. Hawkey as a teacher is that she truly loves the language and culture and is incredibly enthusiastic about teaching.  Her enthusiasm is infectious, and as a student, I could feel her passion for teaching.   She came into class everyday happy and prepared to conduct the lesson with pertinent activities back by solid knowledge.  What also made her classes so interesting was that she had personal stories from living in France to reflect what was in the textbook.   She doesn’t only teach you the language; she is able to explain cultural realities both in depth and on a personal level.  Her personal experience with the people, the food, the wine, the geography brings life to the course and allows students to better understand the French culture.  In the end, students are motivated to travel in the Francophone world themselves..

Additionally, I would like to say that I have even used her language learning and study methods to excel in my other classes.

As a student who has been in many classrooms, Mme. Hawkey truly stands out amongst her peers.  She doesn’t just stand at the blackboard. She engages students to participate. There are songs, group activities, skits, and food. She makes you feel as if you have been to Paris and back.  Even now, even though she is no longer a professor of mine, she will always write me in French, so I am actually still learning from her.

In closing, I can honestly say that Mme. Hawkey is by far the best professor I have ever had the pleasure of learning from.


It is my pleasure to write a letter of recommendation and to extend strong support for Mrs. Kimber Hawkey. I have had the privilege to have Madame Hawkey as a French instructor at Piedmont Virginia Community College in Charlottesville, Virginia.  As a 2004 graduate of Tuskegee University and presently serving as an Executive Administrative Assistant at the University of Virginia for academic physicians and deans, I have had the opportunity to witness dynamic teachers and have found Madame Hawkey to be an exemplary teacher amongst them all.

As an educator, her interactions with students are both compassionate and genuine.  Her international travels and work experiences provide her with a unique prospective as she recognizes students’ individuality and remains effortlessly cognizant to cultural sensitivities.  My transition back into the classroom setting was one of ease as Madame Hawkey brings the art of engagement to the classroom were active learning is a key component.  It was clear during the first few weeks of class that she possessed a high level of dedication, creativity, and acumen.  She would enthusiastically offer her support and time when asked for after class assistance by her students.  Madame Hawkey maintained a level of efficiency that was fueled by her obvious work ethic and her professional concern for her students’ progress.


Our class came to the conclusion that KIMBER is an ER verb meaning “to TEACH ENTHUSIASTICALLY”!  So we conjugated her according to our lessons..

In Spanish:
el/ella/usted KIMBE
nosotros,as KIMBEMOS
vosotros,as KIMBEIS
ellos/ellas/ustedes KIMBEN

In French:
il/elle/on KIMBE
ils/elles/ KIMBENT


Senora Kimber was a terrific teacher! Previously, I had always disliked Spanish classes in school but having it seem like a bunch of friends getting together and talking and working on learning new skills made learning Spanish much easier. She also suggested very valuable websites that made searching for words and verb conjugations simple.
Highly recommend her as a teacher!

Katie – Doctors Without Borders

Kimber is knowledgeable, charming and engaging. I enjoyed every lesson. She helped we prepare for some international work where I needed to improve my French.


My experience with Kimber was a very positive one. Not only did she give in all in the classroom but well after class. I would receive emails at all hours of the night informing me of tutorial websites and sites of interest pertaining to class. Kimber is truly a 24/7 teacher. Her continuous enthusiasm inspired me to always push myself a little more.


I recommend Ms. Hawkey highly without hesitation.  She is an excellent teacher who is enthusiastic and engaging.  She brings very positive energy to her work and has a strong work ethic and admirable organizational skills.  Kimber worked with me on my decades old French before I lived in Paris for three months. I had never really spoken French, but had two years of college French and much anxiety. Kimber was fabulous – she was professional, fun to work with, effective and practical. She taught me to work with what I knew, several basic phrases which my menopausal mind could remember, and some very important cultural insights. My comfort level became high enough that I could speak freely and with a sense of humor. Her time with me enabled me to truly enjoy my time in Paris and to get around perfectly capably.


Kimber injects loads of energy into her classes, making them fun. There is lots of laughter and lots of talking. You work hard without realizing it. Even though our class was four hours long, I left feeling energized, not exhausted. And I also found myself trying to think in Spanish the rest of the day.


I had Kimber for a 40 hour immersion course in beginner Spanish. She was absolutely incredible, not only from her knowledge of the language, but to her passion for our class to learn and love what we learned! We had fun, acquired a large basic knowledge of Spanish so that when I went to Mexico later that summer I could actually communicate on a basic level! She was always available after-hours for help or questions, and most impressively, I just felt she was one of those teachers who is there because she cares, loves what she does, and care so much that others learn to love Spanish as well!


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