Curriculum Vitae – Qualifications and Experience

My goal is to promote student success by asking students to invest themselves personally and by providing the necessary tools so that students may actively employ the target language.  That is, students are presented with learning situations in which they must function in personally relevant contexts within the target language.  In this way, students exercise their linguistic skills in a thoughtful and meaningful manner and become equal participants in the learning process.  I implement interactive methods such as task-based activities, grammar/vocabulary games, role plays, discussions, and directed writing to encourage target-language communication and class dynamics.  I use audio-visual materials and technology to expose students to a well-rounded linguistic experience.  For example, songs, films, and stories serve as mirrors of cultural realities; multi-media programs or Internet activities can add modern spice as well as individualized levels of practice; or filming situational vignettes can allow students both to be creative and to analyze their work more objectively.   In all, my goal is to employ a four-skill, immersion methodology to emphasize target-language communication.

My  language and culture services have solid roots in my years of experience living abroad as well as in creating all levels of child and adult language programs.  Likewise, my pedagogy is solidly based in my years of education.

A.  French/Spanish Educator

1.  Assistant Professor French.   Piedmont Virginia Community College. Cville.  VA.  (2005-Current)

2.  Adjunct Professor Spanish for Engineers.  University of Virginia. Cville. VA.  (Current)

3.  Speak! Language Center. Cville.  VA.  (2008-Current)

4.  Lovingston Middle and High Schools (Long-term Sub).  Lovingston.  VA.  (2006)

5.  Monticello High School.  Walton Middle School.  Cville. VA.  (2004-2005)

6.  Longmeadow High School.  Longmeadow.  MA.   (1999-2001)

7.  Sonoma Country Day School.  Santa Rosa.  CA. (2002-2004)

8.  Mary E. Wells Middle School.  Southbridge.  MA.  (1998-1999)

9.  University of Massachusetts.  Amherst.  Massachusetts.  (1988-1991)

B.  Online Course Content Writer/Developer   Virtual Virginia.  VA Dept. of  Education.  (2009-2010)

C.  TESOL Instructor 

1.  TALK OF THE TOWN Languages + Speak!  Language Center . Cville.  VA.  (2008-Current)

2.  Euro-English Centre  (Private Language School).  Granada.  Spain.  (1997-1998)

3.  University of Toulouse I (Law, Business, Economics).  Toulouse.  France.  (1996-1997)

4.  ENSEIRB (Schools of Engineering and IT).  Talence.  France.  (1992-1996)

5.  Bordeaux III Michel de Montaigne University (Humanities).  Talence, France.  (1991-1993)

6.  Volunteer/Service work in Nairobi, Machakos, Lamu.  Kenya.  (1985-1986)

Credentials and Education

1. TOP Online Virginia Community College System Teacher Certificate.  Piedmont Virginia Community College.  Cville.  VA.    Certified to create and teach online courses in the Virginia Community College System.  2009

2. Commonwealth of Massachusetts Educator’s Certification Tests and DOE Certificate   Teaching Certification in French and Spanish for grades 5-12 with 3 competency exams in Communication and Literacy Skills, Spanish, and French. 1998-2000

3. Diploma de Estudios Hispanicos+2 Certificados de Lengua Espanola.  University of Granada.  Granada.  Spain.  Obtained with Honors.  Earned  Diploma (12 forty-hour courses) in Spanish Language, Literature,  History and Art.  1997-1998

4. RSA Cambridge Certificate for ESL Pedagogy.  Honorable mention.  Earned the internationally-recognized ESL Teaching Certificate. Campbell College.  Valencia.  Spain. 1996

5. Diplôme d’Etudes Approfondies en Anglais de Spécialité.  Earned a Pre-Doctoral Degree in Specialized English.  Honorable Mention.  University of Bordeaux II.  Bordeaux.  France. 1995

6. Master of Arts in French Literature.  University of Massachusetts.  Amherst.  Massachusetts.  USA.  1991

7. Bachelor of Arts.  French Major.  Obtained with Honors. Commonwealth Scholar.  University of Massachusetts.  Amherst.  Massachusetts.  USA. 1989

8. French/English Translation and Interpretation Certificate.  University of Massachusetts.  Amherst.  Massachusetts.  USA. 1989

9. Semester of University Studies in African Culture and Language.  Friends World College.  Kenya.  1985-1986

10. Diplôme de Langue et Civilisation Françaises.  Certificat de Langue Française.  Earned a Diploma and Certificate for university studies in French Language, Literature,  History and Art.  La Sorbonne.  Paris.  France. 1984


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